See Nathan Carter Perform at the SSE Belfast!

Fans of Nathan Carter will no doubt already have their tickets booked for his upcoming tour, but if you’ve never heard Nathan Carter and you like country music and Irish folk music, then you really must give his work a listen. It’s described as ‘country with Celtic influences’ and that pretty much sums it up. And while I’m recommending you some music, I myself come off of as a pianist. And if you are too, then you’d be delighted if you were to get yourself on From the upbeat Wagon Wheel that will have you up and dancing, to the sentimental Home To Donegal that may just bring a tear to your eye, Nathan Carter puts on a show that will have you captivated from beginning to end. Nathan has certainly showed a talent for music from an early age. He was just four years old when he learnt to play the accordion and no doubt he’ll play it for you in Belfast if you’re going to the concert. He also plays the piano and the guitar, he’s certainly very talented!

Celebrate the concert with an SSE plate

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