Paloma Faith at the SSE Belfast March 23rd

Paloma Faith’s last 3 albums have all gone double platinum in the UK and now she’s released her fourth album, The Architect. This is set to be just as popular as the last 3 and now you can see her live at the SSE Belfast on March 23rd. If you’ve never seen her live, then you’re in for a real treat. You know how sometimes you see a singer live and they’re just not as good as you’d expect after having heard their albums? You certainly won’t have this with Paloma Faith, she is awesome live, even better than on a recording. Her voice is truly magical. If you’re going to this concert, or any others on her tour, you’re going to have a fantastic night out!

Paloma Faith – Fascinating Facts…

  • Paloma once worked as a magicians assistant.
  • While at college she was in a band called Paloma and the Penetrators.
  • Faith is actually her middle name. Her full name is Paloma Faith Bloomfield.
  • When she started out in the music industry she lied about her age and took four years off, thinking that she wouldn’t be signed if the record executives knew how old she was.
  • Paloma is also an actress, she’s been in Holby Blue, the St Trinians movie and she was the voice of Tinkerbell in Peter and Wendy.
  • She never leaves the house without wearing lipstick.
  • Her favourite food is ice cream.
  • She always wears stilettos, she says this is because she is only 5ft 3in tall.
  • She owns over 250 pairs of heels!

What private plates would Paloma Faith pick out?

If Paloma Faith was on the lookout for a new private plate, what would she pick? She might like 76 PF with her initials on. Or if she wants the full initials of her real name, we’ve also got C10 PFB and B20 PFB. These plates are only £394 but I don’t imagine Paloma has to worry too much about the price of plates, or anything else for that matter!  Or perhaps a PAL plate, surely her friends call her Pal right? We’ve got PAL 3X and PAL 3T for sale on our website. Because she really loves her high heels, she might want the rather quirky HEE 1S plate. We think that would suit her down to the ground! We have all these available for her right now.