‘Witch’ Plate would you get for Halloween?

Looking for a boo-tiful new private plate at a price that won’t scare you? Then check out our huge selection of personalised plates today! With transparent pricing, it’s all treats and certainly no tricks!

 Who did Frankenstein take to the prom?

His ghoul friend

What are your Halloween plans? Are you dressing up in a spooky costume? Or perhaps you’re throwing your own Halloween party? If you’re a real party person, and all your friends know you for your great parties, then how about this plate… PAR 7Y! We’ve also got PAR 713S available.

What happened to the guy who didn’t pay his exorcist?

He was repossessed

If you’re looking for something that’s just perfect for Halloween, then how about a ghostly plate such as GH0 57S or GH0 57Y? Are you all set in your werewolf costume this year? Then you’ll certainly look great with a HOW 31L plate! Feeling particularly wicked? You could pick up one of our EVL plates such as VO06 EVL or WH05 EVL.

What is a ghost’s favourite party game?


But maybe you just hate Halloween, you can’t abide trick or treaters knocking on your and you find the whole holiday just far too scary? Then you could be suffering from Samhainophobia, the fear of Halloween. So shut the curtains, disconnect your doorbell and watch a jolly happy film until it’s all over. Don’t worry, it’ll soon be Christmas!

What kind of roads do ghosts haunt?

Dead Ends

Halloween Trivia…


  • The world record for pumpkin carving is set at 24.03 seconds. Be careful with that knife!
  • Originally turnips were carved for Halloween, not pumpkins at all.
  • In the film Halloween, the mask worn by Michael Myers is actually a William Shatner Star Trek mask, the film was made on such a low budget they couldn’t have a mask made especially for it.
  • We associate the colours black and orange with Halloween and that’s because orange represents the harvest and black symbolises death.
  • Want to see a real witch on Halloween? Then apparently this will happen if you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards!

What did the skeleton say while riding his motorcycle?

I’m bone to be wild!

Have a Happy Halloween!

Whether you’re staying at home, taking the kids out trick or treating or you’re dressing up as a vampire for a wild night out on the town, have a brilliant time this Halloween!