Winter Sports Fans – Get Ready for the Games!

The Winter Olympics are here, running from 9th Feb until 25th Feb. Winter Sports fans will no doubt be glued to the TV to watch all the action. The Games are being held in South Korea, it’s the second time they’ve played host to the games. The opening and closing ceremonies are always well worth watching, even if you’re not a sports fan, the show will no doubt be spectacular. The ceremonies will be held in the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium, a temporary stadium built especially for the events.

Plan your viewing

If you want to watch the games, then you need to tune in to the BBC. Don’t forget, South Korea is nine hours ahead of the UK so bear that in mind when you’re planning what to watch. Some of the action will be taking place on the 8th February our time so don’t get caught out and miss any events!

New events

There have been four new events added in for the 2018 Winter Olympics. You’ll now be able to watch big air snowboarding, freestyle skiing, mixed doubles curling and mass start speed skating. Of course there are all the old thrilling favourites such as the luge, bobsleigh and ice hockey.

Look out for the mascot

If the kids are watching The Games with you, be sure to look out for the 2018 mascot, an adorable white tiger called Soohorang.

Got your eye on a winter sports private plate?

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Good luckk to the British athletes

There are 59 British athletes competing in the Winter Olympics this year and we wish them all the very best of luck!