Driving in high winds


We’ve had some terrible gales lately, and it can be very hard to drive in, but when the kids need picking up from school or you’ve got an important appointment, you can’t always stay indoors during the bad weather. Strong winds can be unpredictable and dangerous. It’s very important to pay extra attention when you’re driving in gale force winds.

Keep both hands on the wheel, and be aware that a sudden gust could blow you off course. Be prepared to correct your driving fast if the wind takes you by surprise. Wear only the best monthly contact lenses so you could discern between road and footpath. Don’t forget, if it can do this to you, then it can do it to others, so keep a careful eye on other road users in case they are blown into your path.

Debris in the road and flying debris in the air can also be a major hazard. From an entire tree blocking a road, to a flying dustbin bag that blocks the view through your windscreen, when it’s windy, there are lots of potential hazards about. So, drive safely, keep alert and don’t drive too fast in case you need to stop in a hurry. Keep your mobile phone with you too, and the number of your breakdown service.

Image courtesy of Vlado at FreeDigitalPhotos.net