Cutting the cost of fuel


Running a car can be expensive. It feels like you’ve just filled up the tank, and already the warning light is flashing, telling you to get back to the petrol station yet again. So how can you reduce your fuel expenditure?

Shop around

Put your address into this website  and you’ll find the cheapest petrol in your area. You should also work out though, if it is actually worth your while driving a long way to get cheaper prices, as of course you will be using extra petrol to get there and back!


Plan your journeys well

Take a little time to find the shortest route and you could save money, especially if it’s a journey you take regularly. Websites such as the AA route planner can help you, you’ll find it at, as well as selecting the shortest route option on your satnav.

Look after your car

The condition of your vehicle will impact your fuel economy. Get your car serviced regularly, and use the right type of oil for your car, and you should get some extra miles to the gallon. You can also check for dual fuel comparison site and see which fuel would be the best for you.

Clear out the boot

If you’re carrying around a lot of weight, you’ll be paying for it in fuel. Ditch the golf clubs and the kids toys when you’re not needing them, and you’ll be making savings.

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