Get Off the Sofa and Get Active for World Running Day

148,880 people in 118 countries have so far pledged to join Global Running Day events on June 6th. So if they can do it… so can you!

Sound like too much hard work?

Don’t worry, this is all about doing whatever you can. You don’t need to run a marathon, unless you  want to of course. You could run around the block, or simply take your dog on a longer walk than usual. It’s all about getting some extra exercise, getting more active, and inspiring others to do the same!

Set your goal and make your pledge

You can make your pledge on the official Global Running Day website. You can make a pledge on your own, or why not get your friends or family together and make a group pledge? You set your own goal, so you could pledge to run half a mile or 20 miles, whatever you feel you can accomplish. Getting involved is totally free of charge. There’s even a great free NYRR Virtual Global Running Day 1M, Powered by Strava that you can sign up for on the Global Running Day website and race with people all over the world.

 The whole family can get involved

Children are also more than welcome to take part in Global Running Day so it’s a great opportunity to start getting your family more active. Having fun while exercising is a great way to encourage kids to get out and about and exercise more. Give them a love of running and the great outdoors, and you’re fostering a love that will bring them huge health benefits throughout their life.

Love running? How about a RUN plate?

There’s something amazing about running, the freedom, the sense of achievement, the wind in your hair. Once you get seriously into running, you can really get hooked on it. It’s great for your body, and it’s highly beneficial for your mind too. So if you’ve fallen in love with running, you might like a RUN plate such as E13 RUN, BU02 RUN, G8 RUN or F20 RUN. Or we’ve got some brilliant racer plates… RAC 13R, RAC 3R, RAC 8R and RAC 33R.

So what’s stopping you? Get involved!

Go and sign up and get out and run a little, or jog, or walk! We wish you loads of luck in your activities and hope it inspires you to get out and make the most of the summer weather!