A Clean Sweep of BEZ Plates

Ian Berrisford of Berrisford Sweeper Hire Ltd is certainly one of our most loyal customers having purchased over 20 plates from us. All his plates are BEZ plates as they’re for his fleet of road sweepers!

Berrisford Sweeper Hire are a family run business, helping to keep our roads and businesses clean for over 28 years. Their range of services includes cleaning of car parks and forecourts, white lining , tarmacadam and much more. If you’d like to know more about Berrisford Sweeper Hire Ltd, do visit their website at sweepers4hire.co.uk You could have one of the BEZ sweepers coming your way!

Ian was kind enough to give us this great feedback…

“Our BEZ plates always raise a smile on our Berrisford sweepers. They’re great and so are you Speedy Reg. I’ll be spreading the word that you’re not just speedy by name!”

Thanks so much Ian!

Using a private plate on your company vehicles is such a great way to advertise. Once you’ve bought your plate, you’ve got it forever, much better than an advert in a magazine or the local paper. People will notice you, then when they need your services, you’ll be remembered. You can pick up a private plate that suits any business. Here are some ideas for you…

A catering business could have C13 AKE.

If you’re a florist, ROS 6 would be good.

A dog groomer could go for 2 DOG.

A web designer might like WEB 88.

Or how about TAX 15S for your taxi?

Even if you do odd jobs, you can still have a great plate. How about 0DD 949W?

Of course the other great thing about private plates is that they’re very good at holding their value, and many even go up in price over time. So if you should close or change your business, you can simply sell your plate and get your money back!