The Perfect Plates for Your Perfect Wedding Day with Vintage Dreams


If you’re looking for a really special vehicle to transport you to your wedding in style, then do check out Vintage Dreams if you’re in the Essex or Suffolk area. When Mr A Emberson came to us for private plates for his wedding cars, we were overjoyed to help with such a fun venture.

All the cars at Vintage Dreams have names, so it was important to find just the right plates for each vehicle. Mr Emberson certainly did a great job when he made his final choices, picking out the perfect plate for every one of their vintage cars.

He was certainly happy with his new plates and was very complementary about them. Here’s what he had to say…

For Jasmine, he choice JAZ 4939.

“Jasmine looks great with her new plate”

He selected DAZ 5251 for Daisy

“DAZ was the perfect letters for Daisy”

For Lily, he picked out LIL 7242.

“It was a great match for our ‘Lily’”

And for Tilly, TIL 4262 was the perfect choice.

“Tilly has a plate she can be proud of”

The cars were beautiful before they had their new private plates, but now they’re even more stunning.

Vintage Dreams drivers have all passed their advanced driving test. The cars may be from a bygone era, but you can rest assured that the brakes and suspension are all modern. The vehicles have winter tyres fitted, and there’s heating too, so they’re both reliable and comfortable, giving you peace of mind that your wedding day will go smoothly. The cars can be dressed in colours to match your wedding theme, and you can even enjoy a decadent glass of Champagne on your journey to help quell those pre-wedding nerves!

You can see the cars and find out more information about hiring them for your big day at