Do You Know Anyone Called Nirek?

We’re on the look out for someone with the name Nirek because we’ve just added the perfect private plate for them to our huge stock list. We’ve now got N21 REK available!

Nirek is an Indian boy’s name and it means ‘superior’. You’ll certainly feel superior with the N21 REK plate on your car.

So if you know anyone called Nirek, drop them a line and let them know it’s now available. Or if you’re feeling generous, why not buy it for them as a fabulous present!

If your name is Nirek you may want to snap this plate up now while it’s still available, as of course, all private plates are one offs. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. That’s why, if you see a plate you really want, it’s important to order it quick as someone else might have fallen in love with it too. Don’t let them beat you to it!

People put off buying plates for a few reasons. Sometimes it’s because you don’t have a vehicle to put it on at the time you’re browsing the site and happen to find your perfect plate. Don’t worry though as we can simply have your new plate put straight onto a retention certificate. Then you can transfer it to your vehicle when you’re ready.

Another common reason why people might delay buying a plate is because they don’t have the cash at the ready. However, there’s no reason to wait until payday, instead you can buy your plate on finance. Just pay a 10% deposit and then you can pay the balance later. Our finance option is interest free so you won’t have to pay any extra to buy your plates this way.

So Nirek, there’s no reason why you can’t have that brilliant N21 REK plate!

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