We’ve Come a Long Way…

Speedyreg – Company Timeline
Speedyreg – Company Timeline Video 2019

At this time of year, we often get a little nostalgic and take a look back in time, to see where we’ve been and then to look ahead to try and catch a glimpse of the future. As a business, Speedy Registrations Ltd has come a long way.

The Speedy Reg story began back in 1984, when Frankie Goes to Hollywood were telling us to Relax, we learnt who to call if there was something strange in the neighbourhood and we said goodbye to the pound note and the halfpenny. Back then, in a lowly shed, Des Elton started out with an idea, little did he know how this idea would soon grow…

Ten years later and Speedy Reg became the market leader for private number plates, and it wasn’t long before it was necessary to move out of the garden shed and into more conducive premises. We needed new offices, and we needed plenty of space. So our new purpose built offices were created and we moved into them in 1997.

As with all spaces, the more you have, the more you fill it, and that’s certainly the case here, with over 6000 motorcycles storing our stock plates. It’s a very impressive collection that keeps on growing, as the number of dateless registrations we have also grows. For our director Des, and the team who look after the bikes, they’re more than simply a plate repository. A trip round our storage facility is a journey through motorcycle history, with some bikes dating back to the mid 19th century, and each one carefully looked after, cherished and restored.

Over the years, our reputation has grown, and our business has expanded. This has enabled us to take on more staff and continually offer you the fast, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly customer service of which we are very proud.

So now we are here in 2019, with 2020 just around the corner. We have our five star Trust Pilot rating, we are still the market leader for plates in Northern Ireland so where can we go from here? In 2020 we’ll be working hard to ensure we maintain our great reputation and that each and every customer is 100% happy with our service. We’re always looking to the future, embracing new ideas and new technologies. Where will the future take us? That remains to be seen, but it’s certainly exciting to think about!