Buy your Plates for Christmas this Black Friday

Speedyreg - Black Friday
Speedyreg – Black Friday

Yes it’s that one day a year when everyone is searching for the best bargains. With Christmas just around the corner, it certainly makes sense to try and get a great price for everything you’re buying! Have you decided what gifts you’re going to choose for each and every one of your loved ones? Isn’t it funny how there always seems to be that one person in your life who you really struggle to buy for? You know them well, but you just can’t come up with any ideas that are unique? Dads are often the culprit. What is it about dads that make them so tricky to get presents for? You want to give them something special, something personal and thoughtful, but for some reason you end up giving up and going for socks and a bottle of whisky for the third year running.

The Ultimate thoughtful gift

There’s one truly special gift solution that you might just not have considered, and that’s a private plate! It’ll be such a surprise, no would ever guess you’d get them a personalised number plate for Christmas! There really isn’t a gift that says ‘thoughtful’ quite as much as this. You could pick up BA56 DAD for your hard to buy for father, and at under £200 it isn’t going to break the bank. At least you’ll know this is one present that will be truly appreciated and won’t end up lurking at the back of a drawer or being quietly donated to the local charity shop in the new year!

Find yourself a bargain this Black Friday

If you’re not familiar with Speedy Reg and our great prices, you might think that all private number plates are incredibly expensive. Just not in the right price bracket to be a viable Christmas present unless you win the lottery this week. But that’s absolutely not the truth of it at all. Yes you can spend tens of thousands of pounds on a private plate should you wish to, but if you don’t have a rock star budget, you’ll still be able to choose from a wide range of far more affordable plates. Did you know we have several plates such as SH61 WTY available for just £10? We also have a selection of plates for sale for £25, and at a number of price points under £100.

So do visit our website this Black Friday and see what bargains you can find. Our top tip? Check out our Cheap Plates section for the very lowest prices!

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