Take a Walk on the Wild Side for Wildlife Day

How did Wildlife Day begin?

September 4th is Wildlife Day, a day that was first founded back in 2006, as a tribute to the late Steve Irwin who through his love and respect of all animals, brought education and fascination of the wild world to us, through our TV screens all over the world.

In memory of Steve, to ensure his legacy lives on, this day is all about bringing the plight of endangered wild animals to the forefront, and also to help promote the work of animal sanctuaries worldwide that work hard to look after wild and domestic animals.

What can you do for Wildlife Day?

There are so many ways in which you can make a difference to wildlife. Here are just a few ideas to have a wild wildlife day…

Volunteer or donate

There will no doubt be an animal sanctuary or rescue centre in your area. You could give up a little of your time to walk dogs, or help clean out and look after the animals. Or call up your local centre and ask what they need. It may be something as simple as old towels or bedding that could make all the difference to these animals over the colder months. Or perhaps you could buy some food and drop it off. Every little certainly helps!

Help a wildlife charity

A donation to a wildlife charity is also easy, and there are plenty to choose from. You could be helping sea creatures, big cats or tiny hedgehogs!

Educate yourself and your family

Look out for events at wildlife sanctuaries and animal parks in your area. Learning about animals, their habitats, and the reasons why many species are becoming endangered is well worthwhile, and fostering that love and care for animals in your children is certainly very important for the future of our planet and all who live on it.

Look after the wildlife in your own garden

While seeing the lions and tigers in the safari park is exciting, there’s plenty of wildlife closer to home that you can give a helping hand to as well. You can leave food out for hedgehogs and birds, make homes for insects and plant the right types of flowers to attract butterflies and bees to your garden. Search online and you’ll find all sorts of information on the right foods to leave out and even how to make your own ladybird or bee hotel!