Escape into a Book on Book Lovers Day!

Do you love to read? There’s nothing quite like it to put the troubles of the day out of your mind. I always feel sad when people tell me they don’t like reading. They’re missing out on all those amazing stories, visiting other worlds for a while, and when you’re reading, those worlds can feel as real as reality. Why have just one life when you can find so many more within the pages of a book?

Today is National Book Lovers Day, so pick out your favourite story and get reading. Or perhaps it’s time to discover something new? If you’re stuck in one genre, why not try something different and get out of your comfort zone? If you only read romance, why not give some crime fiction a go? Hooked on horror? Perhaps a historical novel will broaden your literary horizons?

Give the gift of reading

If you have children, a love of reading is perhaps one of the best gifts you can give them. So why not sit down and read with your children on National Book Lovers Day? Do you know someone who doesn’t like to read? Why not put some thought into the perfect book that you’re sure they will love and give it to them as a gift?

Look out for National Book Lovers Day events

There will be events going on in book shops and libraries all over the country so look out for these. You may get to meet a famous author, or find a great special offer in your local book shop.

Looking for a bookish private plate?

Really amazing looking, short private plates can be very expensive. But they’re great advertising for a business. If you run a book store, a BUX plate could certainly raise a smile! We’ve got some truly stunning BUX plates and they’re also really cheap. How about E2 BUX, E4 BUX or A4 BUX? How much do you imagine they cost? Thousands? Well actually no, you can have any of those (and we have even more to choose from) for just £549!

Or perhaps you’d like a plate that’s really novel? We’ve got NOV 3L available right now. Perfect for an author perhaps? If you love to read, we have REA 18D available, which would also be brilliant if your surname is Read!

Take time out to read today – and enjoy!

So do enjoy National Book Lovers Day. Find time to read a few chapters, read in the park, or curl up with a book in your favourite armchair. Take a book to work and read in your lunch break, or sit down with the kids and enjoy a book together.