International Women’s Day – An Equal World is and Enabled World

International Women's Day - Speedyreg
International Women’s Day – Speedyreg

It’s International Women’s Day and the theme this year is #EachforEqual. It’s all about gender equality in every aspect of life. In business, in sports, in the media and in government. Equality in healthcare and equality in pay. Regardless of gender, we all have a role to play in society and with a mindset of equality, more women will push forward into the roles they want, rather than those ‘female’ roles that in the past have been designated to them. This year it’s all about bringing into focus all issues of equality, and highlighting the successes of women in areas such as IT and technology, which for many years were male dominated workplaces.

Find an event near you

There are events running all over the world for International Women’s Day. Whether you’d like to learn more at a lecture or conference, join in a fun run or attend a concert or festival, it’s all going on. You can search for events in your area at

Enter a competition

Perhaps you’ve got some standout skills you’d like to share with the world? Why not enter one of the IWD 2020 competitions? The categories are…

IWD 2020 Best Practice Competition

IWD 2020 Cake Competition

IWD 2020 Photography Competition

IWD 2020 Women Rappers Project

IWD 2020 Women Street Artists Competition

IWD 2020 Women Typographers Competition

Information on how to enter can be found on the official IWD website at

Show your support with the #EachforEqual pose

It’s all about Collective Individualism, the idea that we are all part of a whole and that which we do impacts the world. Together we can make change, and to show your solidarity, this year there’s a pose (don’t worry it’s very easy!) so you can strike a pose, take a photo and share it on social media with the hashtag #EachforEqual to help spread the message of International Women’s Day 2020.

Show your love of your car with a private plate

Another area that has always been seen as a man’s domain is that of cars and motor sport. Even in this day and age, some people are surprised that I, as a female, know a lot about cars and am enthusiastic about them. So why not get yourself a Girl Power private plate so there’s no doubt that this lady behind the wheel knows her stuff! We’ve got some brilliant GRL plates at great prices. Would you like A6 GRL, L88 GRL or Y14 GRL?

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