VNZ registrations – a good choice for Vinny


Do you have a name which you find difficult to find a registration to suit or perhaps you have found the ideal registration to suit your name but it is just way beyond your price range. Have you considered an alternative such as a registration which takes in your initials or perhaps a good abbreviation of your name.

Many Irish registrations look like excellent abbreviations of names for example SHZ makes a good Shazz or Sharon, THZ looks great for Thomas, JNZ looks like Jones and VNZ would be an excellent alternative for Vinny.

Perhaps you have seen V1 NEY (which also looks like the surname Viney) and just cannot afford to stretch to the £85k price tag. VNZ which looks like vinz is a great alternative. There are several nice 3 digit VNZ numbers currently available on the market, which actually look really great on a number plate, such as VNZ 161 and VNZ 636.

The great thing about this type of registration is the fact that it can be transferred to any age of vehicle due to the fact that it is considered ‘dateless’ and therefore has no age restriction. Many people use dateless registrations such as these to hide the age of their vehicle however you will always pay more for a 3 digit version due to the fact that it is not classed as a release number.

If you are simply looking to hide the age of your vehicle and are not overly bothered by the registration itself why not select a cheap cover number. Speedy Reg have a huge selection of cheap cover numbers starting from just £40 plus the fees.

If you are looking for something a little more unique then why not consider one of the nicer 3×3 dateless registrations of which we have many starting from just £220 plus the fees. We consider this to be excellent value for money when you think about what you are getting. Many would consider a registration to be an investment, which will never lose its value unlike a vehicle. It is also a great heirloom to pass down the generations.

So if you have seen a registration you would like to buy why not give us a call today.