You Want an Irish Number Plate? Get Someone Else To Buy You One!


You’ve seen all the great Irish number plates on our website and you’ve got a special event coming up. You’ve tried leaving the Speedy Reg website open when they walk in the room, but they’re just not taking the hint. How do you word this ultimate request?

It’s easy, just adapt this template letter and they simply won’t be able to say no!

To my dear beloved husband / wife / partner / person in the office whose name I’ve forgotten,

As I’m sure you’ll have remembered it will soon be my birthday / our anniversary / Christmas / Tuesday.

Now as much as I loved the socks / years supply of baked beans / florescent pink lingerie you got me last year, this year I’ve spotted something even better.

This year I would really love an Irish number plate from It won’t cost you a lot as they start at just £40 and it’s very easy to pay, you could even buy me a gift voucher so I can choose a plate for myself, rather than having you choose one I don’t like such as 29 FAT which just wouldn’t be funny.

If you’ve already spent all your money on beer / xbox games / toys for the cat, they also offer interest free finance, so you really have no excuse.

You know I’ll be so grateful and do all the washing up for a month / give you extra snuggle time in bed / let you watch the football

So thanks in advance my darling,