Northern Ireland Motorists warned



Speedy Reg would like to urge motorists in Northern Ireland to take caution when booking their MOT tests online and to ensure they have entered the correct website details as a very similar website has been set up to scam people by charging an extra £15 to book a test.

The current cost of an MOT is £30.50, however the unofficial website has been charging £45.00. There is no service fee involved in booking an official MOT therefore by using this unofficial website you are losing money as well as not being completely certain that you have secured an official booking.

BBC NI News has confirmed that NIDirect, the official government website responsible for MOT’s, has been made aware of the situation and have contacted Trading Standards to make them aware of the fact that this unofficial site has been using NIDirect’s name.

NI Motorists have been asked to use only the official site to book future MOT’s to avoid higher charges and possible mix ups with bookings.

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