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Today, 9th July, marks the 57th birthday of legendary actor Tom Hanks. Hanks is probably one of the best known actors at the moment having been around since the late 1970’s and has starred in iconic films such as Turner and Hooch, Big, The Green Mile, Castaway, Apollo 13 and has won back to back Oscars for his role in Philadelphia in 1993 and Forest Gump in 1994.

Everyone has their own favourite Tom Hanks Movie however it is not just big screen serious movies that he has played his part in but also several high profile animated movies such as the Toy Story series, The Polar Express and he starred as himself in a short role in the Simpsons Movie.

Speedy Reg have several Tom related number plates that they could offer him on the occasion of his birthday, such as 88 TOM, 72 TOM or Tom 601S, which is their own stock number and will not be found anywhere else on the market at a cheaper price.

If your name is also Tom and you are celebrating a birthday or if you just want to make an investment why not give the sales team at Speedy Reg a call to discuss your options.


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