P930 RGE for Prince George

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It was finally announced yesterday evening that baby Cambridge would be called Prince George Alexander Louis. The news was announced shortly after the Queen left Kensington Palace after meeting her Great Grandchild for the first time.

There is a significance with each name and the bookies favourite came in at the top. The name George is an extremely patriotic name not only because it has been in the Windsor family for generations but also because it is the name of a patron Saint. The significance of the name Alexander is that the female version has been in the Queen’s family for many years, with this being the Queen’s middle name and the original first name of Queen Victoria (who was christened Alexandrina Victoria). The name Louis relates to Prince Philip’s beloved uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten, who took Philip into his household when his own family went into exile and who also acted as matchmaker bringing Philip and Princess Elizabeth together.

The team at Speedy Reg are extremely happy about the announcement and even have their own Prince George cherished registration P930 RGE, which the Prince may like to own when he is older. If you are a royal fanatic why not secure this very special registration for yourself?