Do you think the DVLA will issue SH17 *** number plates in 2017?


2017 will bring about a problem for the DVLA as SH17 plates will become available unless they intervene. We wonder if they will? A team of sensors at the DVLA meet every six months to discuss such issues. It’s usually one off plates that are banned such as VA61ANA, SL05 HED and JE55 US. Anything considered vulgar and offensive, or anything with religious content is not allowed, so 15 LAM and AL14 LAH are both on the banned list. Also any plates relating to alcohol are banned, hence you can’t have SL05 HED. Nor can you have AL60 HOL or AL60 POP.

The banned list always makes for amusing reading and tends to cause a few giggles in the Speedy Reg office. UP15 BUM, PU15 SSY, P15 OFF and BL03 JOB are all recent additions to the list of disallowed plates.

Some do slip through the net. In 2006 the plate H8 GAY was issued, but after criticism from the LGBT rights group Stonewall, who stated that it clearly conveyed the message “Hate Gay”, it was withdrawn. Stonewall also stepped in to aid the banning of F4 GOT and D1 KES when they came up for auction. Some religious plates have also escaped without a ban such as KR15 HNA which sold for £233,000 and M014 MED which has an estimated value of £100,000.

So will they ban all SH17 plates? While it’s not a plate I’d be rushing out to buy, unless I worked at a sewage plant and was looking for an amusing way to advertise my business. However I’m sure some people will want a SH17 plate, just because they can! It’s not often to get to swear via your license plate. Or perhaps people keep telling you you have a really SH17 car, well then you’d be able to make it official.

It will probably be banned, but we’ll keep you informed as to what happens with it, just in case you’re really keen to snap one up. You can be assured, if they do release them, we’ll make sure we have a good stock of them for you as we do with all new issues.

Despite all those banned plates, there’s still a wealth of great private plates out there that are more likely to delight than offend, and we’ve got so many plates available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect plate for you. Well, why would you want a SH17 plate, when you can have a FAB plate? We’ve got 92 FAB, FAB 11A and R23 FAB available right now.