Why are Personalised Number Plates so popular?


Why is that private number plates are just so popular? What’s wrong with the standard plates you get issued at random by the DVLA? Well, nothing, they do the job, you’re legally required to have one, but, well, they’re just rather dull aren’t they? They don’t mean anything, it’s just a string of miscellaneous letters and numbers. Boring! There are so many of these totally tedious plates out there, when you see one that’s different, that stands out from the crowd, you can’t help but notice it. Perhaps it represents a name, perhaps it’s making a statement. They’ll often raise a smile, and they’ll always turn heads. It’s a plate with a point. It’s nice to choose your license plate and pick one that means something to you, that you actually love. Imagine walking into a clothes shop and being randomly allocated an outfit. Yes it would be fine, you’d be clothed and warm, but wouldn’t you much rather pick one out for yourself that matches your own style and says something about you as a person? It’s the same with number plates. It’s an opportunity to express your own personality and do things your way, and perhaps, just a little differently from the crowd.

There are though, other reasons why personalised number plates are so popular. These days, they are seen as a good investment with very low risks. For anyone who doesn’t want to take their chances with stocks and shares, private plates make a good option. They keep their value, and often increase in value. If you’re savvy you can spot a plate that may become more valuable in the future. The name of a child star who might just become the next big thing perhaps? For example, if you’d bought a plate that related to Harry Potter just before it became a huge phenomenon, you could probably make a tidy profit on it right? And don’t forget, if you invest in number plates, you can use them while you’re holding onto them, waiting for the right time to sell. You don’t get that enjoyment with shares!

With license plates now being increasingly affordable (well they are if you buy them from us anyway!) they’re becoming very popular as a unique and cheap form of advertising for businesses too. From vets ( VET 49K maybe? ) to bus drivers ( F12 BUS perhaps? ), if you look hard enough, you’ll find a plate that’s apt for any profession.

Private plates are also popular as presents. They’re a thoughtful gift that’s always appreciated, be it for a wedding present, an anniversary or a special birthday. It can be tough choosing the perfect plate for someone else, but if you get stuck, we do have gift vouchers available so your loved one can choose their own plate at their leisure. The good thing about our gift vouchers is that you can email or print them out instantly, so they’re very good if you’ve left things to the last minute or an important event has totally slipped your mind!