Celebrate your birthday with a new private reg


Do you have a big birthday coming up and would like to recognise the landmark event in some way. Why not consider getting yourself a private registration? For example if you are hitting 30 this year and you are not too distressed about this why have a look at the BIG 30 registration available today at Speedy Reg. You obviously wont be 30 forever but it is a nice memento and it will look good on any vehicle.

If you are buying a registration as a present or even as a group present so that you have a little extra to spend but are not sure about how far your budget will stretch or even what exactly you would like to purchase why not speak one of the sales team at Speedy Reg and they will be happy to advise on what will be suitable in terms of your budget.

To narrow down your search why not have a look on the Speedy Reg website. They have a clever search facility where you can locate specific registrations whether it is a name, a date of birth, a hobby or even a star sign you will easily find what you are looking for and maybe even open up new possibilities that you didn’t initially think of.

If your budget is limited why not have a look at Speedy Reg’s selection of cheap plates many of which start from just £40.00 plus the VAT plus the £80 DVLA fee. If you are searching for a specific name or surname, you are unlikely to find the perfect match among the cheap plate selection, unless it is a very unusual name. However you should be able to find an abbreviation of a name or surname for example if your surname is Higgins and your birthday is the 9th April and you were born in ’86 a good option for you would be HIG 9486. If any Jeremy’s out there happened to turn 30 on the 5th August why not put your birthday money together and splash out on JEZ 5885.

Looking for a cheap JON number or are you and your family clubbing together to get uncle Jon a number for his sports car because he’s been going on about getting one for years. JON 784W will set you back £1500 plus the VAT and DVLA fees, however when you look at it as a group present between 15 people this would be just over £100 each, which isn’t too bad especially if you were all clueless as to what you should buy and you would rather get him something he would really like.

So whether its a milestone birthday or just a birthday treat for yourself or a loved one why not give the sales team at Speedy Reg a call. They are always on hand to advise and help you through every stage of the transfer process.