Private registrations for professionals


If you are a doctor, vet or a business professional and have thought about getting your own private registration Speedy Reg are here to help.

We have lots to offer all sorts of businesses or professions. If you are a doctor you could have a D12 registration such as D12 DAJ if your initials were DAJ. We also have lots of DOC registrations such as DOC 1S if you have a large budget to spend and also M155 DOC. If your budget is a bit more limited we also have GO02 DOC, MR03 DOC or UK03 DOC.

For vets we have a selection of VET registrations such as VET 77. 8 VET, V14 VET, F11 VET or X55 VET. Many businesses will use a private registration as an advertising tool to promote their company or shop. Hairdressers for example might use CUT, a fitness instructor might have a GYM private registration or a Toy Store could go for a TOY registration.

If you have a business, which you feel would benefit from a Private Plate why not give us a call to discuss your options.