Personalised number plates as Christmas gifts


Christmas is just over 7 weeks away so no doubt you have been thinking about what gifts you would like to buy for your loved ones. Here at Speedy Reg we specialise in personalised DVLA Registrations and we get a lot of enquiries for birthday gifts and Christmas presents.

Many of our customers are never quite sure what they are looking for and in this case our specialist Sales Team will guide you every step of the way from choosing your registration to completing the transfer. We can even provide the physical plates to fit to the vehicle as well as a novelty personalised air freshener in the shape of a number plate with your registration printed on it.

We have all sorts of numbers available from cheap Irish registrations starting from £40.00 +VAT +DVLA Fee to Personalised registrations from £199 + VAT + DVLA Fee and more expensive registrations spelling names and surnames in full. We also have many payment options so whether its paypal, debit card or even finance we have an option to suit every budget.