Fascinating number plate facts


We’ve scoured the web for some interesting and unusual facts* about number plates…

In 1919 residents of Prince Edward Island were given porcelain number plates. Considered to be especially beautiful, these rare plates are now highly sought after by collectors.

The license plate on the car within which President John F Kennedy was shot was GG-300

All plates issued in Scotland start with the letter S. All plates issued in Wales start with the letter C.

Due to a loophole in California law, Steve Jobs never had a license plate on his car.

When a Colorado vegan tried to register the plate ILVTOFU (I Love Tofu) it was refused on the grounds that it could be read as something offensive!

In the US, postal service vehicles don’t have license plates.

In the past there have been license plates made out of wood and also of rubber.

Plates in the state of Virginia have the words Kids First underneath. One witty parent chose a plate that read EATTHE.

*We got these off the ‘net so don’t quote us on them!