Spend Christmas money on Number Plates


Getting money for Christmas is great. Instead of having to pretend you love the jumper granny has knitted you, that’s a size too small and covered in lovingly crafted images of reindeer, you can genuinely be grateful for cold hard cash!


It’s nice to treat ourselves with our Christmas money. It’s so easy to let it disappear on bills, but it’s much nicer to splash out on something you might not ordinarily buy; it’s also nice as you can report back to whomever gave you the money, letting them know what you’ve spent it on.


So what will you buy? It’s often the case that you spend all year seeing things in the shops that you would love but can’t afford, but when you’ve got the cash to spend, there’s nothing at all you want!


Of course you may have your heart set on the latest games console, or a pricey pair of heels, but if you’re not feeling inspired, and your wish list is empty, how about spending your Christmas money on a set of private plates? It’s a lovely luxury that won’t break the bank with plates starting at under £50. It won’t break down or become outdated or out of fashion, and it could well retain its value or even increase in value.


Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net