Calling all C Mullens! We have the registration for you!

Calling a C Mullans

Is your name Connor Mullen, Ciaran Mullen, Clive Mullen or Craig Mullen? Did you know that Speedy Reg have the perfect personalised registration just waiting for you and in fact you don’t even have to put it on a vehicle as you can hold it on a certificate of entitlement for up to ten years.

Many people purchase registrations despite not having a suitable vehicle to transfer the registration to. This can be seen an in investment or simply a purchase for future use when a suitable vehicle is available.

Just think how amazing you car will look with its own personalised registration especially if you have a really nice car. A personalised registration is something you will always remember, especially if you haven’t got a good memory. A number that spells out your surname would certainly be much easier to remember than a random DVLA release number.

If you are in the market for a personalised registration but your budget doesn’t quite stretch as for as the CMU 113N registration why not get in touch with our sales team who can suggest cheaper alternatives.  For example if you just want a cheap Mullen number we could suggest CN03 MUL, which is listed at a very reasonable £199 + VAT +£80 DVLA Fee.

Any of these registrations can be held on retention for a maximum of 10 years so it is not necessary to have a vehicle to transfer your chosen registration to.

If you would like to discuss any of the registrations suggested or if you would like to discuss any other registration you may have seen please give us a call to discuss.