Perfect Albert number plates available… AL16 ERT

Albert Numbers

Albert is a fabulous name that’s been popular through history and perhaps is due a revival. It comes from the German name Adalbert which means noble (adal) and bright (beraht). You can’t say you don’t learn something new here at Speedy Reg! When Queen Victoria married the German born Prince Albert, the name Albert became highly popular here in England.

The number plate AL16 ERT is just perfect for any Albert, but if your full name is a little too formal for you, we’ve also got some other great options. If you are known as AL you could choose ALZ 979 or perhaps ALZ 688. We have loads of ALZ plates at cheap prices, with a huge selection of numbers following the ALZ so perhaps you can pick up a plate with your age or date of birth on it. If instead of Al, everyone knows you as Bert, then how about BER 768V or one of our many plates ending in BER such as C1 BER or AA04 BER which is actually available right now for under £200.

Old fashioned names like Albert are experiencing something of a renaissance. Well these things always come round again don’t they! We’ve seen flairs and ra-ra skirts make a comeback, and names are no different. Names that we thought were awful a few decades ago, that put us in mind of our grandparents are suddenly popular again. There are now plenty of little ones called George, Sidney, Elsie and Florence.

So let’s pick out some more plates that have that Grandpa Chic factor…

Alfred or Alfie – 808 ALF, ALF 13L or ALF 4T
Archie – ARC 116R
Arthur – 939 ART or C33 ART
Benedict – 84 BEN or BEN 1F
Cecil – CEC 61 or CEC 62
Cyril – CYR 707
Earl – 198 ERL or ERL 303
Edward – 1 EDW, EDW 3N or E1 DDE
Ernie or Ernest – 2 ERN or ERN 111S
George – 3 GEO or P930 RGE
Henry – HEN 17
Oliver – OL11 VRS
Reggie – 200 REG or REG 243
Stan – STA 4
Ted – 18 TED or TED 1B

and for those Glorious Retro Granny names…

Ada – E10 ADA or AA02 ADA
Agnes – AGN 9S
Ava – E19 AVA or BF02 AVA

Dora – DOR 26 or E12 DOR
Elsie – A70 ELS or R29 ELS
Eva – EVA 1L or V24 EVA
Flossie – FLO 5S
Mabel – T52 MAB or MAB 85V
Nel – NEL 5S or E1 NEL
May – MAY 698, MAY 1B or MAY 1K
Nora – 4 NOR, NOR 1R or NOR 444S
Rose – ROS 6 or ROS 33N