We’re Impressed with the new Defender 110 / 110S

Defender 110 - Number Plates
Defender 110 – Number Plates

We’ve been excited about the prospect of a new Defender and now it’s here, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. We’re pleased that it keeps true to the old Defender styling. It’s been brought up to date, but not at the cost of the iconic look that the Defender is famous for. The 3 door Defender 90 is bound to be a big seller, but the 5 door long-wheelbase 110 is just so versatile and it looks stunning too, with its imposing and rugged good looks. Its beauty isn’t just skin deep though, it’s as tough as it looks, and that’s what you want with an AWD vehicle with the ability to drive through water with ease that takes to slopes and inclines so readily. This vehicle will go anywhere you need it to with air suspension as standard and good ground clearance. For off road camping trips, you’ll fit your whole family, gear and the dog into this spacious vehicle with ease. What has also impressed us with this new Defender is the level of comfort. Rather unusually for a car that you think of as synonymous with hard working all-terrain vehicles, this model has a real luxury feel.

Choosing your Defender 110 number plate

Ones and zeros always look smart on a private plate, and so why not treat your Defender 110 or 110S to a 110 personalised plate? We think they are really good looking with plates available such as ORZ 110, TEZ 110, HAZ 110, NIB 110 and GIG 110. You could also get super clever and incorporate the number 110 into a word. If your name is Elliot or Damian, we have E110 TTS and DAM 110N for sale right now. Or how about D110 MUD for your off-roading adventures, a great excuse for having a grubby car! We’ve also got RED 110T available and CUR 110S too. If you’re driving the 110S, the latter is a great choice, or you might prefer RAD 110S!

Secure your new plate today

All these 110 and 110S plates, and many more, are available at the time of writing but they aren’t guaranteed to be around for long, so if you’d like any of them, please do get in touch. We’re here to help if you have any questions, and we will ensure your new plate purchase goes through quickly and easily. We’re all about speed and a hassle-free transaction here at Speedy Reg! Just give us a call or place your order online.