The New Land Rover Defender 90 – is it worth the wait?

Personalised Number Plates- DAZ 90
Personalised Number Plates- DAZ 90

The Land Rover Defender is such an iconic vehicle, how do you even begin to create a new version of such a classic? Land Rover have taken their time to release the new Defender 90 and it will come as no surprise that the attention to detail and quality of this vehicle are second to none.

A whole new look

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is the new shape. While still retaining that rugged build that Defenders are famous for, there are some more modern curves creeping in there. Perhaps bringing it more appeal for a younger generation, although stalwart Defender fans are surely not going to be disappointed when we look further into the improvements offered with this new incarnation.

The Defender capabilities we can rely on

The Defender 90 certainly hasn’t lost any of its off-road rugged durability, with configurable terrain response and improved geometry to ensure your off road experience is both exciting and safe. This all wheel drive vehicle is the best Defender yet, with a twin-speed transfer box and electronic active differential.

The height of modern technology

When it comes to the use of technology, the Defender 90 goes all the way. The 10” touchscreen features the Pivi Pro infotainment system that’s highly customisable, alongside the head-up display and connected Navigation Pro system. The innovative ClearSight Ground View feature gives you an amazing 3D view of the ground around your vehicle, almost as if you’re donning X-Ray specs and seeing right through the car. So whether you’re off road, or you’re just in a tricky parking spot in the city, this is going to be incredibly useful and no doubt something we’ll see in more vehicles down the line.

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