Why buy number plates from Speedyreg?


There are various places where you can buy your private registration plates, so why buy your plates from Speedyreg? What sets us above all the other companies?

Well, one big factor is our experience. We’ve been dealing in personalised license plates for over thirty years now. Our business has grown, and so has our experience. As with any business, you learn a lot over time, and thirty years is a long time! This experience allows us to give you the fastest transfers in the marketplace. Buy your plates from us and you can be sure to have fast and efficient service. We deal directly with the DVLA, there’s really no quicker way to get private plates.

We’re registered with all the relevant trade organisations, in fact, at the time of writing, we are the only company to do so. We want you to have total peace of mind when you order from us.

Another good reason to buy from us is our customer service team. A hard working and dedicated department with long operating hours, giving you flexibility when it comes to choosing a time to call us, and expert advice and guidance when you make your call. We will also respond quickly to emails, so you can choose your preferred method of contact.