Support Local and Online Businesses this Mother’s Day

Mothers Day - Speedyreg
Mothers Day – Speedyreg

This Mothers Day is going to be different there’s no denying that. So many of us would normally be going out for a Mother’s Day meal at a restaurant and our plans have been cancelled. Sadly there are some of us who now won’t be seeing our mothers on Mothers Day, or won’t be having a visit from children and grandchildren. Of course there will also be those people who find Mother’s Day tough and would spend it with friends or keeping busy out and about, and now find they’re stuck in the house alone.

Now more than ever we want to let mothers know that we love them. That might be your own mother, your grandmother, the mother of your children or your pets, or simply a great friend who is like a mother to you. This is a great time to make an effort and brighten up someone’s day and there are still plenty of ways in which you can do this. A surprise gift in the post is going to be so well received when all the news these days seems to be bad.

Show your support for small businesses

Covid-19 is taking a toll on everyone at the moment, and small businesses in particularly are going to find it hard to survive over the coming weeks and months so it’s important that we support each other whenever we can and Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to do this. Local florists will be offering contactless flower delivery, or choose a florist that sends flowers that fit through the letterbox. Many online businesses will have some great gifts you can order such as chocolates or perfume, or choose something that will keep them busy while socialising is limited such as a jigsaw, the latest bestseller or some goodies to start up a new hobby such as craft or art supplies.

If you were planning to go out for a meal, check with your favourite restaurant, as many local restaurants are now gearing up to deliver food to your door. You may find that you can still have your favourite dishes, you’ll just enjoy your meal at home instead of in the restaurant.

Plates for Mother’s Day

If you’d like to put a smile on mum’s face and treat her to a private plate, we’ve got some brilliant MUM plates available. You could have MUM 51, MUM 11E, MUM 51Y, H1 MUM or one of many more. Just type MUM into the box on our website and you’ll see all your options.