Happy World Poetry Day – Why not Join in?

Speedyreg - World Poetry Day
Speedyreg – World Poetry Day

Speedy Reg sold me a personalised plate

I put it on my car

I really thought it was rather great

So I drove really far

I drove for hours I drove for miles

I was having so much fun

My plate turned heads, I raised some smiles

the day was nearly done

I was totally thrilled and overjoyed

At what my plate had cost

But then my mood changed to annoyed

I realised I was lost

So my tale it has a warning

When you get your brand new plate

Keep an eye on where you’re going

Or you’ll end up very late

As you can see, poetry certainly isn’t a huge strong point here at Speedy Reg, I don’t think we’ll be giving up the day job to become poets any time soon, but we’ve had fun having a go and at the moment, a little fun distraction can do the world of good. So with it being World Poetry Day, why don’t you have a go at writing your own poem? It could be about your friends or family, your work or even your car!

If you’re not feeling inspired to write poetry, then how about reading some instead? Reading or reciting poetry can be very relaxing! Sometimes a touching poem stays with you for life. Do you have a poem that means something special to you? You could share your favourite poems on social media so others can enjoy them too!

A poetry inspired number plate?

Poetry can be found everywhere and we have some lovely poem inspired plates for sale so you could take poetry with you wherever you go. How about POE 7S or POE 851Y? Got a favourite poet? Then why not type their name into our search box and see if you can find a private plate that celebrates the works of your poet of choice?