Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a ‘Lucky’ Irish Number Plate!

St Patrick's Day -- Speedyreg
St Patrick’s Day — Speedyreg

Are our Irish number plates really lucky? Is there something enchanted about them? Well we can’t guarantee that they’ll have magical properties. We don’t promise that your car will suddenly break down outside a shop that sells you a winning lottery ticket, or you’ll take a wrong turn and suddenly catch the eye of someone, fall in love at first sight and live happily ever after.

However, there are a few things that are actually very special about these Irish plates…

All Irish Plates are Dateless

One rather magical property of the Irish number plates is that when you place one on your vehicle, suddenly the age of the vehicle disappears from view! Is it ten years old, or have you just driven it off the forecourt? No one knows for sure! This is the perfect solution if you adore your car, it runs like a dream and never breaks down and you’ve kept it so well polished it looks like new, but the plate says otherwise.

You can choose any one you want

Usually, you have to take into account that you can’t use a plate on your vehicle that makes it look younger than it is, so it can limit your choice if you have an older vehicle. But with Irish plates, they’re all dateless so you can pick any you like the look of.

They look unique and stand out from the crowd

The Irish number plate system is different from that of the UK so immediately they stand out and have that ‘personalised’ look about them.

You’ll feel lucky when you see the prices!

Perhaps the luckiest thing about choosing an Irish number plate is the price! Check them out on our website and you’ll be amazed at just what you can get for your money. They really are the cheapest plates we sell and there are some brilliant short plates for some very low prices.

No extra hassle – we promise!

All our Irish personalised number plates are legal to use on a vehicle registered anywhere in the UK. As our company is based in Ireland, we are experts in facilitating the transfer of Irish plates to UK vehicles, it’s something we do every day. So there’s no extra hassle for you if you’d like to choose one of our cheap Irish Plates.