Our Coronavirus Precautions Policy – What we are doing to keep our staff and customers safe

Speedyreg - Coronavirus 2020
Speedyreg – Coronavirus 2020

We’d like to take this opportunity to inform all our staff, clients and customers that we are doing all we can to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection here at Speedy Registrations Ltd.

Firstly we’d like to state that there should be no disruption to our service, we’ll keep on supplying private registration plates in our usual speedy fashion, and all correspondence can be conducted via email or over the phone.

The steps we have taken include, but are not limited to…

Reducing face-to-face meetings

All meetings will be assessed, and substituted for teleconferences whenever possible. When a vital meeting has to take place, the number of attendees will be kept to a minimum and will be held in a spacious, well ventilated room.

An extra level of cleanliness

Cleaning of the premises has been increased, with high contact areas such as door handles now being sanitised several times a day.

Increasing staff awareness

All our staff have been fully instructed on the best ways to protect themselves and others and access to good anti-bacterial hand washing facilities will be constantly available. Information regarding the best hand washing techniques etc. have been shared with all our staff and remain readily available.

Prompt sick leave

Any staff showing any cold, flu or fever like symptoms will be asked to go home.

Limiting visitors to the premises

We will be keeping external visitors to a minimum and ask anyone who has recently visited a country on the governments high risk list to contact us via phone rather than visiting the premises.

Following government guidelines

This fast changing situation may alter on a daily basis, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the government guidelines and quickly implementing any measures they suggest.

We hope you all stay in good health and encourage you all to follow good hygiene procedures. Hand washing really is vital at this time!

If you are concerned regarding your health, visit the NHS 111 website for further advice.

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