Yay! Hooray! It’s Boxing Day!

Well that’s Christmas Day done and dusted for another year. Did you have a good one? Today’s the day for turkey sandwiches in front of the TV, time to chill out and relax after all that exhausting present unwrapping!

Did Santa bring you anything nice? Did you get what you wanted? Perhaps you got that diamond necklace you’d be hinting about, or you’ve been surprised with a new laptop? Or maybe you got a terrible jumper and some perfume you don’t like the smell of. Never mind, Christmas isn’t all about the gifts you get is it? Not everyone gets it right when they’re Christmas shopping. Now Christmas is over, you can treat yourself to something you actually want!
Ever fancied a private plate? This is the perfect time to start choosing one, while you’ve got the time to pick out the plate that’s just right for you. Get yourself comfortable and have fun spending some time putting words into the Speedy Reg search box and see what comes up. How about your name? Or maybe an important date? It’s amazing how time passes when you’re looking for private plates. We have so many to choose from, and it’s rather addictive, thinking up another word or phrase to search for.

If you’re thinking that after all the expense of Christmas a private plate would be a bit of an extravagance, you’ll be pleased to know that we have plates starting from just £40. So if you secretly take that horrible jumper back to the shop, you might even raise enough money to cover the cost of a private plate!

Pick out a plate now and you’ll have it all ready for 2018. What better way to start the new year than with a new plate? Don’t suffer with the post-Christmas blues, give yourself something to look forward to, that will but a smile on your face through the miserable and seemingly never ending cold winter months.

So enjoy the rest of Boxing Day and this precious time off work. Take it easy, watch some films and eat too much. There’s bound to be a box of chocolates you can open. The diet can wait until next year. Boxing Day is the perfect day for being lazy. You deserve it!