Customise Your Fleet Vehicles With Consecutive Irish Registrations

Consecutive Number Plates for vehicles

Private plates are a great advertising vehicle for your business, if you’ll excuse the pun! If your business uses a car, van or truck, a private plate that relates to your business will turn heads and it will make people remember you. The great thing about private plates is that they retain their value well and often increase in value, so while you have to spend money to own one, you can recoup that cost if you sell it and you may even make a profit. We can transfer plates directly onto retention certificates which makes it all the more appealing for people looking to buy plates as investments as you don’t need to own a vehicle for every plate you buy. Simply put it on a retention certificate and use it or sell it at your leisure.

If you have a fleet of trucks or vans, private plates can look really smart, but while you know your money is very safe when invested in private plates, it can still be a large initial outlay if you have a lot of vehicles.

The best way to get around this is to buy Irish plates. Prices for our Irish plates start from £40 and the great thing is, we have lots of consecutive plates available. Having consecutive plates on your vehicles looks brilliant, especially when they’re all parked up together! Of course you’ve got the personalisation to think about too. Perhaps a word that represents your business? We’ve sold some very apt plates to businesses over the years. We’ve sold WEB plates to web developers, we’ve sold VET plates to veterinarians and many more. You could also use the initials of your business name. There’s plenty of options.

We think it’s fun to get staff together and have a bit of brain storming session to get ideas for the perfect set of plates for your fleet. When enough people get thinking about it, you’re sure to come up with some brilliant ideas. Then all you need to do is type the words, letters or numbers into our search facility on the website and see what is available.

Of course you can choose from any plates on our site, but we do highly recommend our Irish plates. Partly because they are so affordable, but also because all Irish plates are dateless. That means if you have some older vehicles in your fleet, no one will know that they’re getting on a bit and thus maintaining your good image.