Free Number Plate Valuations

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Have you been wondering just what your number plate is worth? Number plates do tend to hold their value well, and often they can rise in value significantly, so much so, they are considered to be a very viable investment vehicle by many serious investors looking for somewhere safe to put their money. So you could find that your personalised number plate you bought just for the fun of it, is now actually worth more than you paid for it!

So you might want to sell your plate for a tidy profit, and blow all the proceeds on a holiday in the sun, or you might be looking at one of our pricier plates and would like to know the value of your current plate so you can sell it and put the money raised towards your next set of plates.

Whatever the reason, it’s very easy to get a valuation with us here at Speedy Reg and it’s totally free of charge too, so you’ve nothing to lose by enquiring.

The process is ever so simple. Just put your details into the short form at All we need are your contact details, and of course the registration number you’d like to sell! Once you’ve submitted this online form, we’ll get back to you within two days letting you know how much we think your plate would raise if you put it up for sale.

You’re under no obligation to sell your plate through us, but if you would like us to find you a buyer then this is something we’re very happy to do. We don’t charge any upfront fees for this, we don’t charge for advertising or for finding a buyer, we simply take a commission once the sale is complete. That means, If your plate doesn’t sell, then it won’t have cost you a penny.

So what happens if you decide you do want us to sell your license plate? Well once you’ve had your valuation and you’re happy with it and want to go ahead, then we need your written agreement for us to offer your plate up for sale. You can take a look at the relevant paperwork from our website on the above link. Once we have that form back we will handle everything for you from then on and we’ll be in touch when your plate sells.  When your plate has been transferred, you will automatically be allocated a replacement registration free of charge and at the same time, we’ll send you your payment.

Many of our customers come back to us time and time again to sell their plates. It can work out to be a perfect way to earn some cash, so don’t delay call us today.