Is your surname Gibson? We have the perfect plate for you!


Gibson means son of Gib, which is a shortened version of Gilbert. While your original Gilbert may be long since lost in history, he’s left you with a great surname, so why not celebrate it with a new personalised number plate!

Right now we have brilliant plates for H Gibson and B Gibson. HG16 SON and BG16 SON. We’ve also got lots of GIB plates such as GIB 63 and GIB 92.

Of course we have plates for other surnames too, so for those of you not lucky enough to be a Gibson, you don’t need to feel left out!

If your surname is Jones, we have JON 52 and JON 35K.

For Taylor we’ve got TAY 110R

For Green we’ve got GRE 33N and GRE 1N

For Gregson we’ve got GRE 50N

If your surname is Watts how about WAT 5 or WAT 777Y

For Evans we have EVA 57

For David we have DAV 1D

For Wilson we’ve got WLL 50N

For Wood how about WOO 21E

If you’re a White, what about one of our WHT plates such as M14 WHT or R40 WHT

For Jackson we have JAC 1K available

For Harris there’s HAR 13L

If your name is King we’ve got K1 NBG for you

You’ve got a lot of options if your surname is Lee, such as LEE 25, 95 LEE or LEE 111

For the Clayton family car, CLA 770N would be fab

For James we have JAM 53D or 9 JAM for you

For Bell you can snap up 474 BEL or BEL 740

If your surname is Hunt how about HUN 7A or HUN 7N?
Anyone named Lane could have LAN 66S or 1 LAN

For Gill we’ve got G1 JLL or GIL 67

For Carr how about 822 CAR or C57 ARR?

For West what about WES 57T?

For Webb we’ve got WEB 555S or WEB 85Y
We’ve got plenty more options for these and other surnames. To find your ideal match, just type your surname into our search engine and see what choices you have!