Rare Pair of Number Plates For Sale O 11 and 11 O

O 11 & 11 O

We think these plates, O 11 and 11 O are the ultimate pair of plates if you’re a two car household. Wouldn’t they look cool side by side on your drive? Even on their own they are stunning plates, but to own them both would be fabulous.

We love sport and stylish plates like this, they are always eye-catching, and we’ve always got plenty of these highly desirable plates for sale.

If you have your heart set on the ultimate personalised registration plate, let us tempt you with some of our favourites that are all available right now…

How about 700 A or 3333 A? Both stand out rather nicely from the crowd. The cost for these is £19,400 and £8550 respectively. For a cool £250,000 you could be the proud owner of 9 C. you don’t get plates much better than that! If your budget won’t quite stretch to quarter of a million for a private plate, we’ve also got a plate that would be perfect for anyone born in 1970, 1970 C. That one will cost you just £5640, and don’t forget, we have a great interest free finance option if you’re looking to buy now and pay later!

Perhaps you’d like 81 S, now available for £40,450, or maybe 21 W? Wouldn’t that make the most perfect 21st birthday present! You could give the gift of a lifetime for £29,245. if your name begins with E, how about 5 E (£245,500) or E 6 (£225,500)?

We really love M 2. That’s available right now from us for £195,500. If your name begins with M, or even if you’re an Emma or an Emily, that would be a fantastic plate to own. If you’re looking for something just as spectacular looking but a little cheaper, then how about 1000 L? This is will certainly turn heads and it’s just £9640. A great price for such a stunning plate.

If you’re looking for a short plate, but want more inspiration, just visit our search facility. If you type in a letter or number you’re interested in, perhaps your initial, you’ll be shown all the shortest plates at the top of the results page. If you’re simply looking for any short plate that stands out to you, why not go through the alphabet and pick out your favourites. It’s fun to take a look, even if you’re not really thinking of making a purchase right now!

We add new plates on a regular basis, so don’t forget to keep coming back and taking a fresh look, you never know what you might find!