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Brad Pitt Turns 55 Today!

Can you believe Brad Pitt is 55 years old? If we were to list all the big name films he’s starred in over the years, we’d be all day, but to mention just a few… Ocean’s Eleven, Thelma & Louise,...
Jay Z's Birthday Number Plates - Speedyreg

Happy Birthday to Jay-Z

Today is the birthday of Shawn Corey Carter, better known as Jay-Z. Growing up in a rough area of Brooklyn, New York, like many other teenagers, Shawn Carter found escape in the world of music. He attended...
St Andrew's Day Number Plates - Speedyreg

Happy Saint Andrew’s Day!

While you probably associate Saint Andrew with Scotland, he’s very popular all over the world. Of course today is Scotland’s official national day, but since 2015 it’s also a national holiday in...