The Boxing Day Sale Frenzy Begins – Would you Rather Avoid it?

Speedyreg - Boxing Day
Speedyreg – Boxing Day

Even before Christmas Day is over, the world of advertising is screaming at us that the SALE STARTS BOXING DAY. We don’t even seem to have a break until New Year’s Day any more. We used to have January sales but these days, it’s all been brought forward, so in the middle of your Christmas Day movie you’re being told that you can rush out shopping tomorrow and grab yourself a bargain.

The problem is, all I ever see in the sales are the items I bought as gifts, all reduced in price. Call me a Grinch but sometimes I feel like moving Christmas in our house to January, so I could buy all my presents reduced and save a fortune.

But when it comes to actual bargains, well I never seem to find any, I just don’t have much faith in sales. There’ll be a few quid off something astronomically expensive, reducing it to being just extortionately expensive instead. Or you’ll spot some old stock that the shop is trying hard to get rid  because it’s on outdated model and they’ll end up stuck with them if they don’t sell them fast.

Plus the last thing I want to be doing is going out in the cold and walking round the shops the day after Christmas. This is MY time, it’s a rare treat to have a day with the perfect excuse to do as little as possible. I spend the rest of the year rushing around, working, shopping, cleaning. On Boxing Day I want to be really lazy. So as you can probably tell, I’m not a big fan of sale shopping, and so I’m pleased that we don’t have a Boxing Day Sale here at SpeedyReg. Instead, we have bargain prices on many of our plates that you can find at any time of year! My absolute top tip if you’re looking out for a plate at the lowest possible price, is to check out our special Cheap Plates page. Many people don’t even know that page exists, but it’s where we gather together all our very lowest priced plates so you can see them all at once. Did you know we have plates for just £10? How’s that for a Boxing Day deal? But you’ll also find them there the rest of the year too, so it can be a Birthday Bargain or an Easter Treat.

So if you fancy a little Boxing Day shopping, without having to take your slippers off, then come on over to SpeedyReg and see what deals you can find!