Celebrating the Birthday of Elvis – The King of Rock and Roll

Speedyreg - Happy 85th Birthday Elvis
Speedyreg – Happy 85th Birthday Elvis

On January 8th, back in 1935, Vernon and Gladys Presley sadly delivered a baby boy that was stillborn. This baby was named Jesse Garon Presley. However this tragedy was followed 35 minutes later by the birth of Jesse’s twin brother, Elvis Aaron. The miracle of his birth was just the start of a life that was going to be forever in the spotlight. Despite passing away in 1977, the legend that is The King, lives on, with some people even believing that Elvis is still alive. So, wherever you may be… Happy Birthday Elvis!

Elvis – Some Facts you may just not know…

  • Elvis styled his look on a comic book superhero called Captain Marvel Jr. Look him up, you’ll spot the resemblance!
  • The King was a black belt in karate.
  • The scientific name for the gall wasp is Preseucoila Imallshookupis – named as a tribute of course, to Elvis.
  • As a child his teacher told him he couldn’t sing.
  • He owned more than 40 guns.
  • Aged 19 he auditioned for a gospel choir. They turned him down!
  • Until his teens Elvis had blonde hair, it faded to brown and then he dyed it his signature black.
  • Elvis was famous for his jewelled jumpsuits, some of which were so covered in jewels that they weighed over 2 stone!
  • He once bought his mother a pink Cadillac, even though she didn’t drive. Visitors to Graceland can see the car there today.
  • Elvis really loved to eat burnt bacon.
  • He was famous for his love of fast food and once told a reporter that he could eat 8 cheeseburgers and 3 milkshakes at once.
  • Despite recording more than 600 songs, Elvis didn’t write any of them himself.

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