BOO To You! – Happy Halloween!

Speedyreg - Halloween 2019
Speedyreg – Halloween 2019

It’s the spookiest scariest day of the year! Halloween is here and the ghouls and ghosts are all out and about to give you a scare. There’s only one way to fend them off and that’s by playing them at their own game. Why not zap those zombies, scare off the skeletons and banish the bats with a very scary BOO plate on your car? We’ve got plenty for you to pick from. ‘Witch’ one will you choose?

Super Scary BOO plates

How about BOO 135 or BOO 152? You may prefer BOO 13Y, BOO 85T, or perhaps BOO 57ON. We’ve got the Halloween-perfect spooky baby plate with BOO 848Y or how about BOO 856X? If you like a nice short plate we think N2 BOO is fabulous, and if you’re looking for a cheap BOO plate then we’ve got L27 BOO, L28 BOO and L29 BOO all for £394 and AO05 BOO and CO03 BOO for just £199!

More fabulously creepy personalised number plates

If a BOO plate is not for you, then how about something else equally as scary? We’ve got a fantastic spider plate available right now…. 521 DER and also SP10 ERA. How about a ghostly plate? Nothing says ‘Halloween’ more than a ghost. We’ve got GHO 57Y and GHO 557T and GHO 57W for sale on our website.

BAT plates for all budgets

We really do have a BAT plate for every budget. We have cheap BAT plates such as AA06 BAT and BA05 BAT for the scarily low price of just £199, or for the ultimate BAT plate you could choose 1 BAT. At £172,695 the price is perhaps the scariest thing about it, but it will certainly turn heads, maybe even all the way around, Exorcist style! We do of course have plenty of BAT plates at prices inbetween such as 243 BAT for under £3k and L24 BAT for £395.

OWL plates are flying out of the door

Owls are a popular bird and our OWL plates are popular too. They’re a great Halloween plate, but with so many people having the owl as their favourite bird, these plates also make a brilliant and thoughtful Christmas present. We’ve got the amazing OWL 1 for sale right now, or how about D11 OWL, F20 OWL, G6 OWL or CW02 OWL. You’d be a twit (twoo) not to snap up one of these when the prices are as low as just £199!