Don’t Forget to Put Your Clocks Back!

Speedy Reg - Don't forget to put your clock back
Speedy Reg – Don’t forget to put your clock back

British Summer Time will soon be officially over and our six-monthly ritual of changing the time on all our clocks begins again. There’s always that awkward one high up on a wall where you can hardly reach it even when you stand on a chair, and that one that looks amazing, that you spent a small fortune on because it perfectly suits your room, but you just cannot get the blooming thing back on its hook once you’ve taken it off. One day it’ll end up thrown across the room instead, but somehow you always seem to find just enough patience to get the job done for another six months.

But of course at this time of year, you do get a bonus for your clock changing efforts, and that’s an extra hour of time! Yes, your Sunday just got one hour longer and that’s certainly worth celebrating as it means Monday morning is one hour further away!

So how will you spend your extra hour?

A whole hour to do just as you please, so what will you do with your extra time? You really should make the most of it, so perhaps you should skip the lie in, turn off the TV set and do something less boring instead? You could bake a cake, you could teach your dog a new trick or maybe you could browse the personalised number plates at and pick out your new plates for winter?

If you’ve been thinking about having a change of plates, we offer a free valuation service for your old plates, and if you’re happy, we’ll sell them on your behalf. There’s no fee to pay, we just take a commission when your plates sell. We have lots of customers waiting for plates so we hope to find your plates a great new home as fast as possible.

Or perhaps you’ve never had private plates and it’s something you’ve always considered but never got around to? Now is the perfect time as it’s something to put a smile on your face every time you get in your car. That’s well worth the investment for something that can make you happy when you’re going to work in the dark on a freezing cold winter morning!

If you’re thinking that now isn’t really the best time for splashing the cash on personalised number plates when there’s Christmas coming up, then you might be keen to hear that we do actually sell plates for as little as £10 (plus VAT and transfer fee). Check them out on our Cheap Plates page!