Pussycat, pussycat, I love you, yes I do

International Cat Day - Speedyreg
International Cat Day – Speedyreg

As if our beloved feline friends weren’t spoilt enough, they now have their own special day. Yes it’s International Cat Day!

Cats certainly have got something right. They spend all day lazing around, they don’t have to lift a finger, they don’t have to earn a living, they just sit there, on your favourite chair, while you run around after them preparing meals and playing with them. Yes they have their lovely pet beds that cost you a fortune, but they’re more likely to sleep somewhere inconvenient such as the middle of the kitchen worktop, or right on top of you when you really need to move.

They leave hair everywhere, and are most likely to cough up a disgusting fur ball when you’ve got your poshest guests round. You are their slave and you won’t get any thanks for it. So why on earth do we open up our homes to these creatures, worship them and lovingly tend to their every need? It’s simple. They’re just SO INCREDIBLY CUTE! Those furry little faces just melt your heart and suddenly you’ve forgotten they ate your ham sandwich or were sick in your shoe.

Share your cat with the world

The world wants to see photos of your gorgeous kitty so today is the perfect day to show everyone just how adorable your cat is. So while you’re spending extra quality time with your furry friend, take some photos and share them online with the hashtag #InternationalCatDay.

A great day to help less fortunate cats

It’s a sad reality that not all cats have the amazing life of luxury they deserve. Today is a good day to make a donation to a cat charity or to offer your help as a volunteer. If you don’t already have a cat in your family, then you could even think about adopting one.

Private plates for cat lovers

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