Community Shield 2019 – Who are you Cheering for?

Community Shield 2019 - Speedyreg
Community Shield 2019 – Speedyreg

The FA Community Shield sees the winners of the Premier League go up against the holders of the FA Cup. However this year Manchester City won both, and of course they can’t play against themselves, so this year the Premier League runner up team will be playing, so that means it’s Liverpool vs. Manchester City. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s called the Community Shield, it’s because proceeds of the game go to help community projects and charitable organisations all over the UK.

When and where

The match takes place on Sunday 4th August with kick-off at 3pm. As always the event takes place at Wembley Stadium but if you’re not lucky enough to have tickets you can watch the match live on BT Sport.

Who will be victorious?

When it comes to the Community Shield, Liverpool have won more times than Manchester City overall. Liverpool have won 10 times while Man City have only won it five times. However, the last time Liverpool played in the Community Shield was 13 years ago and Manchester City really are on top form at the moment. They won the Community Shield just last year, beating Chelsea 2-0. Odds are that Man City will come out on top, but as with any football match, the excitement is in the fact that anything could happen!

Community Shield Facts

  • Manchester United have won the Community Shield the most times, with 21 wins.
  • Everton are the record holders for the most wins in a row, winning every year from 1984 until 1987.
  • Manchester United have had the most consecutive losses, losing every year from 1998 to 2001.
  • The Community Shield event has been running since 1908 when it was called the Charity Shield.
  • The name was changed to Community Shield in 2002.
  • Originally the match was played between a professional team and an amateur team.
  • In 1912 some of the proceeds went towards the Titanic disaster fund.

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