Who Will be King of the Hungaroring? – Hungarian Grand Prix 2019 is Underway

Hungarian F1 Grand Prix - Speedy Reg
Hungarian F1 Grand Prix – Speedy Reg

The Hungaroring circuit near Budapest plays host to the 2019 Hungarian F1 Grand Prix and it’s an amazing race course, a tight and winding circuit that’s always the setting for some high octane thrills and spills. The two Drag Reduction System zones give some overtaking opportunities to this tricky circuit that covers a total of 306.63 km over 70 laps. The current lap record of 1:19.071 was set by Michael Shumacher in 2004 but with a change in specifications last year, cars are now achieving faster lap times so a new record could well be set this year.

Who will be the Hungaroring winner?

There are certainly plenty of contenders to take the podium at the Hungary F1 Grand Prix 2019. Lewis Hamilton is performing incredibly well this year as usual and he’s won the Hungarian GP five times before, the last time being in 2016. However, Mercedes have stated that they are very confident that Valterri Bottas will dominate the race and they believe he is a likely winner. But then there’s Sebastian Vettel returning to the race, another favourite for this circuit. He’s only won the Hungarian Grand Prix once before, back in 2015 but he’s very strong this year that’s for sure.

More about the Hungaroring

This circuit is one of the oldest in the F1 calender. First used in 1986, only Monza and Monaco have  a longer F1 history. It had an interesting beginning and it was all down to Bernie Ecclestone wishing to take Formula 1 behind the Iron Curtain. Initially Moscow was the chosen location, then a street race through Budapest was considered. Finally a purpose built circuit was established outside of the city and the race has been held here ever since. Due to it’s position in a valley, spectators get a great view, but this is a notoriously dusty track, partly due to the fact that the circuit is not in regular use, and also because it rarely rains here. The race has only seen rain fall 3 times since the circuit was built.

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