X Factor Live Comes to the Belfast SSE Arena

X Factor Number Plates - Speedy Reg
X Factor Number Plates – Speedy Reg

If you’re looking for a really fun night out, then the X Factor Live show should be top of your list. The show has been touring for 14 years now and more than 3 million people have enjoyed it. It’s on every year, and of course it’s totally different every time, so it’s a great one to add into your calendar. Once again the show will be hosted by X Factor Digital presenter Becca Dudley.

A fantastic list of artists. You’ll be able to enjoy performances from lots of fabulous, talented artists including Dalton Harris, Scarlett Lee, Anthony Russell, Danny Tetley, Acacia & Aaliyah, Brendan Murray, Shan Ako and Bella Penfold.

When you watch the X Factor live show, you’re not merely a spectator, so you need to pay attention to all the acts. as it’s you, the audience who will be voting for the winner! The show runs for around two and a half hours, so it’s great value for money too.

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